The Photographic Journal


Essay 237 • Jan 3rd 2018

I believe we are made of layers of emotions. I love to explore this concept and create layers inside simplicity, analyzing and working with what I have that day and yet adding to it. Nadia is one striking human being, a mixture of kindness, fierceness, beauty and vulnerability. She is unusual and real all together. I wanted to photograph her with the intention to capture her in all she is versus just an image and adding fashion as another layer to the urban chosen backdrop. Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves whether conscious or unconscious. What we wear dictates how we feel and behave. I love to intermix environment, people and fashion.

Djeneba Aduayom
After a long career as a dancer and working around the world with artists such as Tina Turner, Robbie Williams, Diana Ross, Prince, to name a few, I moved into photography a few years ago and brought my love of movement, performance, and emotion into my images.
I also studied Interior Design for 4 years while living in London and this gave me the taste for a certain aesthetic. Last but not least, I draw upon my cultural mix and worldwide travels to integrate various landscapes into my photography and create a connection between places and people when possible.

As a self taught photographer, I feel that looking through the viewfinder and taking images is like looking inside my own self and my inner world and it enables me to channel and express emotions as well as connecting with people in a simple, genuine and intimate way. I am French and now based in Los Angeles where I live with my husband.

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Model: Nadia Llorens x Wilhelmina
Stylist: Sarah Toshiko West
Mua: Jeannie Giannone


Look 1:
Black Tee: NIKE
Pant: Ralph Lauren

Look 2:
Suit: Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Nike

Look 3: 
White leather tee: B James
Black bell sleeve shirt: Ziztar
Black pant: Genevieve Clifford

Look 4: 
Faces button up shirt: Ziztar
Blue pant: Ziztar

Look 5: 
White Mesh jacket: Bailes
Grey jogger pant:: Bailes
Dress: Ziztar

**All footwear by United Nude**