Essay 483 • Jul 18th 2021

YEEHAW is a series celebrating and rejoicing intimacy between men through a queer feminine lens. Inspired by Brokeback Mountain, God's Own Country and western fashion, YEEHAW showcases classic western pieces with a queer spin.


Alyse Nelson is a Cleveland, Ohio based photographer and stylist. Photography first peaked her interest during her freshman year of high school, when she took her first film photography class. When it came time to decide what she wanted to study in college, she thought to herself, “I could take photos every day.” She went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in photography at Kent State University. After graduating, Alyse worked full-time at Kalman and Pabst in Cleveland as a photo-assistant and stylist. There she found a passion for styling and design and is now both a freelance photographer and stylist. She finds her inspiration from films, art, fashion, the human form and interior spaces.
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YEEHAW is modeled by John Armour and Drexton Trantina, and styled by Moriah Meek.