The Photographic Journal

Blue Road

Essay 305 • Jun 29th 2018

The base of this chapter of our ongoing project is to walk around Venice from mid-afternoon until sundown with a friend, a model, and to talk while taking pictures. Images are usually accompanied by text that Anais wrote. Below is the text for this shoot, which basically represented what was on Alex’s mind as he walked.

Last night we slept in the back of my truck
Mattress thrown in there, a wool blanket and our two sleeping bags
The wind was violently blowing across the desert
Shaking us in our attempt to fall asleep
We talked into the late hours of the night
While our dog slept in the cab
We felt so small in this vast landscape
Clear sky and brilliant stars
All the little creatures must have been hiding under heavy rocks
We waited for sleep, eyes open in the dark
And fell asleep before the blush sunrise washed over us


Anais & Dax
We met in Los Angeles where we fell in love, after respectively moving from France and Montana. Our photo collaboration quickly followed, as well as a lot of road trips all over the US in our pickup truck and our dog.
When not working or traveling out of town, we enjoy our life in Venice Beach filled with surfing and yoga (the cliche is real!). The Western areas of the US has influenced our work through the years, combined with growing up in a kaleidoscope of locations (Montana, Texas, California,France, Italy). We love point and shoot cameras, story telling through one image or several, and getting lost.

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Talent: Alex Jones
Styling: Heather Rest
Grooming: Nichole Servin