The Season of the Witch

Essay 511 • Nov 7th 2022

This month I found myself wanting to create a women's gathering on the pacific coast with close friends, artists, musicians and creatives alike. I wanted to capture an authentic moment of what it feels like to be fully supported and carefree surrounded by community.

Lately I've been inspired by movie stills that capture intense moments in the middle of a film. I pulled examples from films like Suspiria, Midsommar, etc to simulate at our bonfire. It was captivating to go back and forth between different emotions with all of the women, most of whom were strangers to each other at the start. By the end of our gathering, there were definitely new bonds taking place.

What I didn't realize was the impact that these images and videos would have once I shared them. It seemed to ignite a creative burst; I was receiving tons of shares and reposts of my series and attached to them were powerful, elevating words. In such a pivotal moment in women's history all over the world, I am so grateful that these images can be influential (even if just a small way) for women to come together, embrace community, and be vulnerable.


Natasha Wilson
Desert born and raised, fashion photographer Natasha Wilson has had a mutual passion for art & travel her entire life. Inspired by culture and each location’s color palette, she hopes her unique perspective flows vicariously through her photographs, and transports the viewer into a dream-like world. Her process usually includes painting her own hues over her images, reducing the color pallete to a cohesive blend of hues.
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Gown Designer: Michelle Hébert

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