The Photographic Journal

Stay Home Still Life

Essay 456 • Jul 13th 2020

This still life series offers a whimsical mix of ordinary household items, personal healthcare essentials, snacks and trinkets found and photographed in my apartment during the coronavirus stay-at-home orders in New York City.

The visual study of colorful objects arranged against a plain white background brings into focus the basic products that are in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the non-essential items and keepsakes I’ve collected from around the world that have given me travel nostalgia during isolation.

Creating these miniature sets and scenes was a way for me to bring a little hope, humor and joy into my life during a bleak moment.


Lanna Apisukh is a portrait and documentary photographer based in New York City. Her recent personal work explores youth, women and gender non-conforming skateboarders and the sunny lifestyle of Florida retirees. Lanna is a BA graduate of the University of Washington and expanded on her photo education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In addition to her freelance photography work, she also helps to educate and grow the creative community with BKC photo school and Seeing Collective, an artist group hosting talks, exhibitions and photo critiques to provide a supportive network within the photography industry.
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