Essay 309 • Jul 8th 2018

Frank and I met and collaborated for the first time back in 2016. I had worked with him as his muse in his studio numerous times at this point - it’s actually a bit funny - I would show up decked out in my vintage curls and full makeup and then Frank asks me to jump in the pool, or put a stocking over my head. I never really knew what to expect, and every time he sent over the final images I was so impressed, and grateful for his direction. The creative energy that flows through our collaborations have always left me inspired and craving more. When he approached with this idea of a deeper collaboration, one where we both show up with our cameras and shoot- I was incredibly honored that he was interested in working with me on that level. His proposal was “just show up, do your thing, and I’ll jump in” which is exactly what we did. I just wish we had more time…but something tells me this is just the beginning.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Shelbie Dimond in the past as a photographer muse. Each time she has brought amazing energy and willingness to create without hesitation. Since the beginning i knew she was an incredible photographer in her own right . This excited me to find another way we could collaborate, so i presented the idea that we create together. What is presented here is the first conversation in what i hope to be many more. Once again her trust and openness is expressed in the images that she created and her collaborative nature as i created mine. We traded back and forth as ideas flowed and left ego out and the excitement of the moment take over.


Shelbie Dimond is a photographer, print-maker, model & actress based in bogota, colombia and los angeles, california. her work seeks to evoke a potent nostalgia through the use of analog techniques and character-driven scenarios. focusing on the power of self-portraiture and the female form, her photos reveal a deep sincerity and connection with the process of photography itself.
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Frank W. Ockenfels 3 is a Los Angeles based photographer who has spent nearly 3 decades photographing musicians, celebrities, corporate heads and everyday people.
Frank’s ability to adapt to any situation as well as staying away from the obvious seem to be qualities that set him apart from other photographers. Frank thrives on pushing the boundaries of digital photography and believes in collaborating with creative directors and clients to achieve a unique moment. In many ways Frank is unconventional. He believes that photography can still have moments of purity without being overly conceptualized or retouched.
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