The Photographic Journal

The Ghost Town

Essay 151 • May 31st 2017

By devising the compositions and colors, I wanted to evoke mood and emotions or perhaps a timeless entity. I would attempt to capture the transcendent moments and preserve the implicit and unspoken dimensions that we miss in our our daily lives. Thus I spent roughly three months collecting these images around this small town I live in.

 My intention was to create time-travel in a picture. I wanted to let my viewer explore by acknowledging the passage of time and invoke a sense of emotion that reminds them of their pasts, and to provoke a sense of their futures.


Vinnoth Krishnan raised in Kuala Lumpur, based in Lincoln, NE. He is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer, and has worked with PBS, NET and Vision Maker Media making documentaries on Native American stories. He seeks to use his medium to tell stories that relate to current issues, past memories and future reveries.