Post-Modern Suburbia

Essay 336 • Sep 17th 2018

Long summer days, school is out, all of your friends are taking extended family trips or working summer jobs as life guards at the local community pool. Your imagination takes you wandering around the neighborhood streets, dreaming of being older and creating a colorful life of your own. Freedom.
As children we confidently express our desires to become anything we want to be: an astronaut, a dancer, a ringmaster, an explorer, a pilot, a traveler, a painter. What's stopping us from fulfilling those fantasies?


Joelle Grace Rosen is an editorial and portrait photographer. Her “retro-dream-grunge” style combines energetic color with a timeless aesthetic to create images that provoke emotion and exude style.
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Model: Grace Koss / Freedom Models LA

Make-up: Suzy Laney