Essay 252 • Feb 9th 2018

The idea of the word “release” is that it’s responsive. For something or someone to be released, there implies a prior state of confinement. As it relates to the human body, the initial release is birth. As the body grows, the spirit grows; therefore, confinement no longer is strictly physical but also spiritual, emotional, mental, sometimes even political. Release, in the same way, is not only limited to the physical —to be released from physical confinement requires physical movement, either within the self or with help. Metaphysical release requires that same action, but perhaps in various methods. In this photo essay, the act of dance captured moment by moment aims to visually express this idea of release — in it’s many different yet similar definitions — from whatever forms of confinement that may exist.


Curt Saunders is a Brooklyn, NY-based creative photographer whose work is focused on the visual narrative. His intention is to display various nuances of humanity, while capturing beauty that lives inward, and reflects outward in a flash of time.

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Model: Morgan Simone