A Familiar Ruin

Essay 18 • Dec 17th 2015

I used to feel lonely, and I used to think it was my fault.

I tried to become the best me I could. Sometimes I broke, not feeling good enough while not knowing whom for.

I still break at times, and I don't know if the restlessness will ever leave my bones. But what used to weigh me down, let me drown in my bedsheets, is slowly becoming my armor. And I can embrace its edge - because who knows if emotions could stream in and out of me, flood me the tide like way they do these days, if no one had broken my skin and opened the gates.

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DAVID UZOCHUKWU (b. 1998, Austria)

Image-maker and storyteller based in Brussels. Ten year-old me picked up a camera, and never put it down again. I thrive on creating somber narratives set in a bright universe.