The Art of Letting Go

Essay 397 • Jul 1st 2019

Why is the most beautiful art for yourself?
I find my most soul-felt images transpire from projects where there is no deadline, no paycheck, and no transaction, only the transaction of positive energy from everyone involved in creating the image.
For me, photography is about that decisive moment where you capture the essence of somebody’s soul. It’s about that moment you hit the shutter and you and your subject both feel the energy that is being exchanged. I know when I can feel my art, and I work on the art of letting go and just running with that feeling.
You can have every new technological advancement in a camera, or you can have a disposable point and shoot. If your image makes me feel something, it has accessibility beyond yourself.
And isn’t that why we make art?


Sydney Claire Altschuler is a Fashion and Editorial photographer based in NYC. Sydney graduated with a B.F.A. from Lesley College of Art and Design, where she learned to work with color, composition, and light. Since graduating, Sydney has become known as a connected artist-entrepreneur who is not afraid to creatively push the envelope. In her work, Altschuler swiftly cuts through normative boundaries, tendencies, or assumptions to expose them for what they are.  Her true skill and passion in capturing the rich diversity of the human experience.  Sydney’s work can be found in Vogue Italia and online.
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MUA: Tiffany Lucio
Model: Layla Synclaire