The Photographic Journal

Only in New Orleans

Essay 288 • May 14th 2018

I was given a list of "musts" when some friends heard I was going to New Orleans. One of them was to go to any show I was invited to behind the Parisite skatepark at the old peach orchard. On MayDay, some bands set up close to midnight behind the skatepark next to the train tracks. It was a nucleus of energy between the tracks, park, and highway, fusing movement into a magical moment. The occasional train would go by and everyone would get off the tracks and wave. One time a conductor drove just the engine up and watched the show for a bit. Another time a train carrying tons of pipes to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline stopped next to the show. People made sure to tag the pipes to show protest against the pipeline which runs through beautiful native lands in the bayou disrupting habitats for many species and communities. The bands in the photos are Lassie (SO GOOD!!!), Rimjob, Nature Boys, and Vile Bodies.


Molly Steele is an LA-based analog photographer originally out of the swamps of North Florida. Her work stimulates a discourse of intimacy, nature, and alternative lifestyles separate from the commercial status-quo. Through her style of surreal photo-journalism, her work promotes an ethereal, re-imagined way of relating; a transformation of experience itself.

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