The Photographic Journal

To See You One More Time

Essay 289 • May 16th 2018

I met Sijia in Times Square on a sunny autumn morning last November. I'd found her online while scouting for a music video I was directing. We met at a Boba place, and I found myself almost immediately comfortable and at ease with her. She mentioned she'd soon be going to Tokyo for six months, and I found that an excellent reason to visit the city.

I watched baseball tournaments from across from the apartment I rented. I met Fab, an athlete from Berlin, who was in town a few days for a tournament. He had a camera and was constantly taking photos. I went to a party in Shibuya that served complimentary donuts and coffee all night. I danced until morning and then left in the twilight of dawn to Yoyogi park. It was so quiet there. Birds sang.

I stayed in Tokyo for about a month.


Eleanor Petry is a visual artist currently working in New York, based out of Seattle, WA.
Scattered throughout her work are subtle conversations that focus on emotion, connection, and the loneliness of being human. In August of 2014 Eleanor was in a bicycle accident which resulted in a broken neck as well as a Traumatic Brain Injury. Her experience through facing death not only changed her life but continually affects her art, which, among other things, encompasses loss, and the idea of departing from love.

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