The Photographic Journal

Stillness in Motion

Essay 205 • Oct 6th 2017

Shooting with Ania Catherine simply felt right, like it was designed to happen. Ania is a choreographer; but really she is a lot more than that. Beyond her undeniable talent in all genres of dancing, she is a master of movement and body language, and I have always strived to capture the subtleties and deeply-rooted emotions she conveys. The goal of this photoshoot was for us to explore motion and feelings through stillness, before her and I would set off to capture it on video.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, it certainly was worth a thousand movements, with Ania in front of my lens.


Alexandre Souêtre, originally from Paris, is a Los Angeles-based creative director for a skateboard and apparel brand. In his spare time, he shoots photos, designs logos, directs music videos, makes music, writes poems, cuddles his dog and drinks coffee.

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Model: Ania Catherine

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