Clown Baby

Essay 188 • Aug 28th 2017

There's a hotel in my hometown that's covered from wall to wall with clown art. It's absolutely fascinating and bizarre; there's not much appreciation of art, where I come from. I was not fond of clowns when I was young (what child is?) but I've become particularly interested in them now that I am older. The makeup, bright costumes, theatrics, and even acrobatics behind it all: they all work together in a delightfully terrifying expression of our deepest emotions. This shoot was inspired by that hotel I passed on the way to school everyday as a kid. 



Sarah Anne Wu is a fine art photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. She received her BFA in Photography from the Columbus College of Art & Design in May of 2015. Wu’s recent stories are inspired by mental illness and the silent chaos of the mind. Her work has been featured in several online and print publications, including: Vogue Italia, Photographer’s Forum, and Elegant Magazine.


Model: Mariah Rine