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Essay 524 • Mar 12th 2023

Helin Bereket’s latest photographic experiment Relativity is on the verge between performance, staging, and bodily intervening in the built world.

La Muralla Roja, an iconic work of architecture designed by Ricardo Bofill Levi, is a par excellence example of a Mediterranean postmodern architecture. It’s based on grouping Greek cross typology elements and connecting them in an ensemble of patios. The form: geometric, brutalist, bold.

Captivated by its uniqueness, Bereket decides to conquer the monumental geometry by inserting her body in various positions and capturing the result in photography.

Among the massive concrete shapes, volumes and lines, a single body: an attempt for a self-portait while “matching with the architecture”. Instead of “architecture follows nature”, her photographic motto is “body follows architecture”.

At times her body is dynamic, active, energetic, at others, calm, adopting, meditative. While it struggles to embrace the form, and is challenged by steep insurmountable stairs, the organic outlines of her body merge with the straight and strict lines of the space. Her clothes borrow colors from the architecture palette; sometimes adopting even indistinguishable nuances. And while the shapes and the volumes remain solid like a rock, Bereket subverts their monumentality by her physical presence.


Helin Bereket is a freelance photographer and content creator from Berlin. After completing her bachelor’s degree in architecture and her master’s degree in art, she started to work interdisciplinarily. She has naturally developed her own clear style of photography, with which she expresses herself and her feelings. Her architectural and artistic background can be seen in her photos. She likes to play with spaces and colors, light and shadow and geometries.

In addition to photography, she works with brands for social media campaigns, creates creative concepts and individual solutions for companies, gives workshops and manages social media accounts. She has completed many collaborations with well-known brands such as Nikon, Adobe, Samsung, Audi, Swatch.
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