The Photographic Journal

Female Energy

Essay 116 • Feb 23rd 2017

These photographs aim to explore the incredible energy that lives inside of every woman. This project started because I`ve always felt very guided by my own energy, and very inspired by those of the women around me. And since my favorite thing to do as a photographer is to record the manifestation of female energy, this project is deeply important to me, and perfectly fits my vision of the world.

My hope is that women everywhere can feel touched by these photographs, and be inspired to get to know more about their inner energies and about those of the women around them.



Isabella Dias is an 18 year-old photographer and writer, and is the editor-in-chief of She was born and raised in Belém, Brazil, but now lives in New York. She uses her art to speak up about political issues, especially the lack of representation in this field. Being a female photographer from Brazil, where artists are terribly under-appreciated, her art will never be only an aesthetic statement, but also a political one.