The Photographic Journal

Once Is Never

Essay 353 • Nov 12th 2018

This photo diary traces a journey made across Central-Eastern Europe during the summer of 2018. Travelling with a group of friends from the UK, the journey also marked a critical juncture in our ability to travel freely within the EU; free movement is one of the basic aims of the European Union and one that could shortly be denied to us, due to Brexit.

The title is a translation of the German proverb 'einmal ist keinmal' used in Milan Kundera's novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which I was reading throughout the trip. 


Milla Lewis (b. 1997, London) is currently studying Photography (BA) at the University of Brighton. She has co-curated and exhibited works in Brighton and London, including Uniqlo’s Tate Late’s event at the Tate Modern, as well as co-founding the photographic collective Cafuné Collective. Her work explores the space between the body and the landscape, a relationship formed by natural, cultural, mythological and personal experience.
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