An Afternoon with the Sun

Essay 476 • Feb 24th 2021

Creating art during a pandemic feels rebellious. Even joy feels rebellious with so much sadness surrounding us, and now a year in, finding new ways of living is uncomfortable, but I do it anyway. Like most artists, I am addicted to the idea of story, so it feels too simplistic to say this editorial was sublime, but it was.

Felicity Jones is a muse I have worked with quite often over the past two years, and each shoot with her brings a new form of creativity, as well as honest conversations about love, life and growth. I enjoy photographing Felicity because her personality, character and style always comes through, and for me that is her real beauty.

Shooting this editorial reminded me of my sacred place in creating, the place that gives me energy, the place that is familiar, strange and marvelous: the sun.


Paige Ricks is a photographer based in Oakland, CA. With a background in journalism, storytelling is an integral part of her photography. Her fashion editorials are conceptualized and styled by Paige.

Model: Felicity Jones