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Essay 306 • Jul 2nd 2018

I’ve spent my last three summers in the music festival circuit. My job mostly requires me to run from stage to stage, to catch as many acts as I can. Yet I’ve grown more and more interested in what goes on in between and at the edges of the shows.
The people that move with me from one gig to the next, that, like me, travelled from far away to be there. I’m one of them...but not really.

Roskilde is an example, like no place else, of the microcosm that a huge music festival brings into being. A city that only exists for seven days a year, populated by generations x, y, z and beyond. Where music is the backdrop for so many stories of love and friendship, and only a small part of the experience.

I took these photos in Roskilde in July 2017, my third year visiting the festival.


Kimberley Ross is an Italian photographer. She studied cinema in Rome and photography at the International Center of Photography in NYC. While living in New York she began exploring live music photography driven by her love for music. She’s now a regular contributor for Rolling Stone Italy and her clients include Pitchfork, Stereogum, W Magazine and GQ.
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