The Photographic Journal


Essay 515 • Jan 1st 2023

As of late, I’ve been stumbling. I have been unclear, ungrounded, out of balance, uninspired, and unmotivated. I've been feeling the weight. After uprooting my life ten months ago from New York to Los Angeles, I decided to create a photo essay on how I felt about this life change. Funny enough I didn't know what I was feeling or that I was feeling anything up until I found a photo that triggered my inspiration again. The image was of a person holding a basket of random but beautifully put-together flowers. Something about its simplicity captured my eyes.

I went ahead and mood-boarded around that one image, I added references to New York and feelings that were resurfacing. I wanted to recreate this image or at least what it made me aware of. This photo essay is an inside look at my life, the struggle, the weight of living in your manifestation as an artist but feeling the weight of the world on you as you enter into unchartered spaces.


Nancy A. Hernandez is a Dominican Photographer born and raised in The Bronx. The photographer owes her inspiration to The Bronx, her culture, and the surrounding communities in which she was raised. By embracing her vulnerabilities, she is able to highlight fluidity in energy, explore the vibrancy of her culture, and reveal those same levels of depth within her subjects.
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Art Director: Jackie Taylor Jr.
Talent: Henry R. Jones II
Stylist: Sailor D. Gonzales
Gaffer: Justin Lamar Carter
Key Grip: Jonathan Benavente