The Photographic Journal

That’s Sensible

Essay 325 • Aug 22nd 2018

I’m constantly thinking about taste. I’m interested in why certain imagery is exciting to one person but not another. While analyzing others' tastes, I’m tracing my own. Where they come from, how they evolve, which are inherent? Which are learned?

All shoots get me thinking about my sensibilities, but this one really hit me. I see my taste in clothes, my love of subtle irony in images, my choice of shots that highlight Chy’s personality. I see my preferences come to life and I am pleased, but I’m left wondering why the hell I wanted to see Chy’s smile amongst soggy gingham curtains.


Paige Mauriello is a photographer based in LA and our Essays Editor. You can often find her in her own company with a sandwich and a book.
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