Available Light

Essay 147 • May 19th 2017

Been really into the notion of Play when it comes to photography. So much of photography, of art, has weight, these days. There’s a push to imbue it all with meaning. We call the shots we take our Work. Folks hustle, making their passion their profession and watching the art and the business bleed into each other.

We’re all so concerned with how many favorites a photo gets when posted online. How many likes. How the art is received.

And that’s all well & good. But I think it’s vital to create for its own sake.

So that’s what I do. That’s what Maya, my assistant Alexa & I did, few weeks back in Chinatown. Took photos, laughed it up, ran around looking for interesting light, for interesting situations. In the moment, with no thought as to what it would say, or mean, or be for. Play.


Lou Noble

Lou Noble was born, lives, and will one day die in Los Angeles. He is the Editor-In-Chief of The Photographic Journal.

Model: Maya Singer
Assistance & Moral Support: Alexa Curran