Essay 409 • Sep 30th 2019

"We can’t help nature other than by stopping the destruction we are causing. We should take a step back and let nature heal itself, only nature has the power,” Noam said, a musician who decided to leave behind his modern, demanding life in Jerusalem. Now, he lives in northern Israel on land his mother bought for the family, starting a new life.
Noam built a tent and settled. It didn’t take long before his relationship with nature changed. With his mother Dafna and his sister Ayelet’s advice, he adopted a sustainable lifestyle with ecological ideology and actions. He installed solar energy panels for basic use, set up beehives and planted about 50 trees (and counting...).
Noam believes that there’s honesty and truth in working the land, and that the laws of nature work strongly in the soil with harmony and respect for life.
Hopefully, one day, his home will function as a forest garden in which people and animals can visit and enjoy all the energy and love Noam has granted to the soil. That’s the vision he has in mind and I hope to be there to photograph it.


Oz Baraz is a Tel Aviv based photographer. Inspired by people and nature, looking to empower vulnerability and
imperfections through intimate and colourful portraits both in his personal and commercial work. He recently published a photo book called “Core”, a project shot in the studio featuring 19 women. He completed photography studies in Florence, Italy and in Tel Aviv, and has participated in several group and solo exhibitions.
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