The Outskirts

Essay 156 • Jun 14th 2017

Before the first look, while hair and make up were still being done in a small farm house, my assistant and I surveyed the first location. We found ourselves standing in a large field. I watched the wind create waves in the tall grass, and I noticed the birds flying low in the distance, hugging the tree line. The sun began to turn gold. There were no car horns, no sirens, no people - yet, there was something about the silence that wasn't silent at all. There was a movement and a power to the open land. You could feel the energy moving around and through you. Most people find the city to be ominous, but the outskirts hold their own threats and their own secrets.


New York City fashion photographer Grayson Hoffman is best known for creating powerful images through his dramatic use of lighting techniques and his advanced editing skills.He became interested in photography at a young age, graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and worked for several magazines and newspapers before turning his attention to fashion and commercial photography.

Grayson works with his wife, Jamie. Together they work to create images that push boundaries and challenges the relationship between the light and the subject.

Grayson enjoys shooting both in studio and on-location. This particular story takes place at Windy Brow Farms in Fredon, NJ.



Grayson Hoffman

Fashion Stylist
 Michael Andre Rosenberg

Fashion Assistant
Kathryn Hopkins

Makeup Artist
Alicia Dane

Hair Stylist
 Nicole Pigott

Misty Downs (IMG Models)
Shaylan Fife (IMG Models)