The Photographic Journal

Photo Essays

Visual spreads that explore themes and moods, and take us into the eye of the beholder.

The symbols of privilege and its history

Spoiled Milk

A journey through Big Sur

The Color of Distance

A sunny LA afternoon with Lila

Fair Park Ave

Vintage style and grace

Hidden Treasure

One foot rooted on land, the other testing mysterious waters

Queen of Cups

Expatriates in the United States of America


La Habana : Beauty pockets and the soul of the city

Heart of Gold

An exploration of the American West

Go West, Young Man

Renderings of subconscious refuges


We often confuse emotional intimacy with sexual intimacy...


The world is different when it’s upside down.


Otherworldliness of softly sculpted dunes

Impressions of Morocco

Unrequited love's a bore, yeah

Glad To Be Unhappy

Kaleidoscopic delirium made flesh

Higher Ground

In memory of Daniel Loper

Color Therapy

Playful behavior. Coy confidence.


A period of travel, work, unrest, searching, and observing.

Missed Direction

Stimulating and therapeutic color

If I were a Painter

Platonic friends become lovers

Secret Valentine

The power of the female in the brightest light

The Rise of a Woman

Philadelphia songstress Taylor “X2” Simone


A Day with a Web Celeb

Alexander the Great

Photo-bliss in an island getaway

24 Hours in Catalina, Part Two

An ethereal world far from our own

Earth Witch

Explore the powerful energy that lives inside and outside of Brazilian women

Female Energy

Golden haired hills, clean kicks and stained laces.

Home / Land

Modern day cowboys herding American Bison

The Antelope Island Bison Roundup

Stripped down in a very public Cenote

Get Wet Tulum 

Family Life in Tanoboase

Akwaaba Means Welcome

Is this our 2017?

Coronation & Revolt

A safe place, stripped bare

Behind Closed Doors

An alternative view of America’s normal

The Other Side

A tour through the wreckage

Chernobyl 2016

Photo-bliss in an island getaway

24 Hours in Catalina, Part One

A neon-lit nighttime adventure

Vangelis Blues

Coping with depression through photography

On The Edge

An afternoon with Potty Mouth lead singer and guitarist Abby Weems

Mind Glow

The more oxygen the better

Benefits of Houseplants

Three months volunteering for the US Forest Service

Summer in Red Lodge

Making the most of photographing a legend

Dreams Do Come True

Transitions, as seen through the relationship of two young girls

Don’t Wish Me Well

Style, share, reflect, get familiar with a new muse each session

To be, Polyphony

A stroll in SoHo

Today is the Day

On the Western amusement of the rodeo

Arizona State Fair All-Indian Rodeo 

The subjectivity of the word adventure is what makes it so beautiful

The Meaning of Adventure 

An exploration of confused senses


Demonstrations of tranquility in the face of adversity

Silent Fighter

A visual marking of the transition from summer to autumn

Autumn Verses

Strange occurrences in a woman's home

Apt. 25

Visual souvenirs of a search for solitude

Lost in Mexico

Traditional healers in contemporary South Africa


A visual journal exploring the beauty within your own country

Walking in Fireweed, A Remembrance

Emergent thoughts from waking dreams

The Somnambulist

Photo Essay 104

I Love My Skin

Photo Essay 103

Search Party

Inspired by Nigerian youth's progressive outlook


What does it mean to be both black and a woman in our current society?


Wild abandon, no restraints, and no pressure to create

Getting Lost to get Found

Our gaze mirrors hidden intentions

Line of Sight

Learning to accept, love and realize yourself


Break outside your own barriers

A Given Space

Transport yourself to East Africa

A to B Nairobi

National fever in chilly Iceland

Áfram Ísland!

Fiction never looked so lovely

Me vs. Others

Finding new inspiration through hope and admiration


Photo Essay 92

Break of Dawn

Photo Essay 91

Able to be.

Photo Essay 90

Girls of FYF

Photo Essay 89


Photo Essay 88

Summer Never Ends

Photo Essay 87

Mindful Indulgence

Photo Essay 86

Portraits Pt. 1

Photo Essay 85

Peace of Mind

Photo Essay 84

Quest for PrincessDom

Photo Essay 83


Photo Essay 82

Sunny Hill

Photo Essay 81

Syracuse Nationals

Photo Essay 80

White Light

Photo Essay 79


Photo Essay 78

Same, but Different

Photo Essay 77


Photo Essay 76


Photo Essay 75

Of The Sea

Photo Essay 74

Hang Time

Photo Essay 73


Photo Essay 72


Photo Essay 71

The In-Betweens

Photo Essay 70

Idle Pt. 2

Photo Essay 69

Sound of Silence

Photo Essay 68

The Girl Next Door

Photo Essay 67


Photo Essay 66

Elephants in Captivity

Photo Essay 65


Photo Essay 64


Photo Essay 63


Photo Essay 62

The Slow Thaw

Photo Essay 61


Photo Essay 60

A Material Matter

Photo Essay 59

Temporary Solace

Photo Essay 58


Photo Essay 57

The Butterfly Effect

Photo Essay 56

The Boys of Myanmar

Photo Essay 55

Learn to Fly

Photo Essay 54

The Finals

Photo Essay 53

Heading Home

Photo Essay 52


Photo Essay 51

One Last Night

Photo Essay 50

Wake Up

Photo Essay 49


Photo Essay 48


Photo Essay 47

Road to an Unknown Place

Photo Essay 46

Off The Grid

Photo Essay 45


Photo Essay 44

Marisa Papen

Photo Essay 43

Hallowed Ground

Photo Essay 42

Rock Bottom

Photo Essay 41


Photo Essay 40

Unnecessary Things Taking Up Space

Photo Essay 39

Where Lines Meet

Photo Essay 38

She’s the Magnetic Outcome

Photo Essay 37


Photo Essay 36

Hidden in East London

Photo Essay 35

Personal Fears

Photo Essay 34

When I Live My Dream

Photo Essay 33


Photo Essay 32

Shanelle in Chinatown

Photo Essay 31

Tokyo Bound

Photo Essay 30

Ockenfels x Brooke Eva

Photo Essay 29

Under the Sun

Photo Essay 28

Life of Winter

Photo Essay 27

On Friendship

Photo Essay 26

Aching for Purity

Photo Essay 25

Suburban Youth

Photo Essay 24

Central Station

Photo Essay 23


Photo Essay 22

A Familiar Ruin

Photo Essay 21

Sabine in Plum

Photo Essay 20

Lost in Her Mind

Photo Essay 19

Land & Sea

Photo Essay 18

We Took the Cake

Photo Essay 17

Raised by Rats

Photo Essay 16

My Grandfather’s House

Photo Essay 15

Trips to Dreamworld

Photo Essay 14

Ockenfels x Cam Damage

Photo Essay 13

Under Grey Skies We Carry On

Photo Essay 12

Portrait of a Quiet Girl

Photo Essay 11


Photo Essay 10

Lost Spring

Photo Essay 9


Photo Essay 8

Faces at Basel

Photo Essay 7

Heart of Summer

Photo Essay 6

Eurydice of the Grove

Photo Essay 5

Rip Currents

Photo Essay 4


Photo Essay 3

The Headlands

Photo Essay 2

Around The World

Photo Essay 1

Like an Origami Crane