The Photographic Journal

The Family

Essay 327 • Aug 27th 2018

How do modern families function? Why are certain families so strong and how can they break apart? Who influences whom in a family and what consequences does this influences have on the individual?
 There are a lot of questions you can ask when you look at the power house 'family'. 
In this story we wanted to break apart the prefect family portrait and let you look behind the curtains of an exaggerated imaginary family that probably has more traits in common with the average family than you may think at first. The story is not just about power dynamics in a family itself but how relationships can become a tool of negative power and suppression.


Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer, born in Wiesbaden in 1993, is a photographer and art director. Her images between combine a very personal aesthetic with the ability to create and capture emotions and ideas.
 She started as a street style photographer, documenting her travels and stays in various countries and soon realised: photography was more than just a hobby. 
Over the past few years she steadily developed her image away from a purely fashion aesthetic to give room to her own artistic ideas. Her compositions are often edgy, humorous and a bit surreal. 
For every project Fee-Gloria invests a lot of work into the detailed planning and research of the mood, composition, looks and locations that best represent a person, emotion or an idea. Whilst the planning is key to her process, she still achieves a natural and unintended look.

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Team Credits:

Art Direction – Ann Britt Dittmar

Styling – Neslihan Degerli

Production – Lars Alexander BepplerTheresa Budzinski

MUH – Kristin Roes


Brother – Kevin

Sister – Jule

Sister 2 – Nadja

Mother – Frences

Uncle – Martin