The Photographic Journal


Essay 209 • Oct 13th 2017

I captured Julia embodying the emotions I was having at the time when I photographed her in my dress. I created permanent representations of my memories and feelings, which I had used to try to push away. I'm able to see my feelings in a beautiful way in these photos which make more sense to me. The different moods in colors represent the cross between looking back and going forward and how hazy that can feel inside. 

I use mirrors a lot in my work, and used a broken mirror to capture different parts of David's figure. I had little control over what was shown in the reflections which I found symbolic of memories. 




Alissa Mitchell is a artist who is interested in all mediums and finds creating art helps her see physically in front of her what her true attractions are in the choices she makes during the process. She finds creating gives her clarity and new direction. Alissa attends Massachusetts College of Art and Design for photography and is twenty years old.


Models: Julia Bailey and David Zaki