The Photographic Journal

Unnecessary Things Taking Up Space

Essay 38 • Apr 27th 2016

Elle and Kris met at a very transformational point in both of their lives. Through mutual friends, the two connected via Instagram and met up early this past November to give you their first of many collaborations together, 'Unecessary Things Taking Up Space'.

Both 20 years old and recent expats from their home towns of Mississippi and Los Angeles, the two moved to NYC at very monumental points in their art career. Elle an emerging artist, writer and model, Kris an editorial, documentary and fine art photographer. From this project forward the kindred creatives have been making loads of work together. 




Kristian Punturere is a 20 year old freelance photographer based in Brooklyn, NY by way of Los Angeles, CA with a concentration in editorial , documentary, fine art, portraiture and fashion. Works inspired by shapes, movement, light, color, space, feeling, the here and now, the in-between, by you, and I.

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