The Photographic Journal

Suburban Chains

Essay 330 • Jul 12th 2018

Growing up in suburban north Jersey was okay until I realized how much was outside of the county I lived in. One may think being forty minutes away from New York City, what some people see as the promised land, would eliminate this; instead it intensified the feeling ten-fold. Even though the suburbs are spread out and open, it feels like the walls are close.

This feeling is what I am portraying in this series. I still live in my hometown suburb and feel creatively stilted. This feeling resonates with others I have spoke to, even though there is so much that can be done wherever you are!

In this set I decided on colder tones, creating an uninviting reality. This is unlike my usual style and it was fun to experiment with a different look. The model I worked with, Justin Adams, was a perfect fit because he has the same ambitions and restlessness growing up in the suburbs with me.


Andrew Hunczak
I picked up a camera when I needed to stop playing hockey because of too many brain issues, which actually ended up being a good thing, I guess. I just turned 18 and I am moving to LA (a little cliche, I know) to try and live my dream of being a creative. My dream job is to work in creative direction for a clothing company since that’s what I like to work with! I love working on film and being able to create concepts to use with clothing.