The Photographic Journal

I Love My Skin

Essay 88 • Nov 23rd 2016

I wanted to create a universally translatable representation of how media affects people and specifically people of color when there is a lack of equal representation of all ethnicities. The progression of photos should be viewed as the foundation on the body first, then gradually removed from the skin. Representing people of color, the Haitian African American model is strong and knows the value of himself as a person. He is confident in the beauty he holds just in the simplicity of his bare skin; without glamour, retouching, or a role to play by.

The Caucasian model’s foundation shade is used on the Haitian African American model’s skin, representing the media forcing its ideals of beauty onto people. It includes unattainability through photoshop and exclusivity by its favor of only representing and glorifying Caucasian features to make a damaging false statement and belief system that there is only one fit to beauty.



Alissa Mitchell

I’m 19 and i’m attending Massart for painting. This year I returned to my biggest passions: fashion photography and makeup. I’ve started photographing my friends with artistic makeup which I’ve fallen in love with. I consider my photography documentation of my makeup art, and also exploring the human body with any elements to enhance it. I want to normalize all skin types and include all people in my fashion-esque photos. My hope is that everyone can see themselves in my art, realistically in the sense of no digitally altering of the skin or human figure. My dream is to be a professional makeup artist and photographer.