The Photographic Journal

Beach Day

Essay 300 • Apr 23rd 2018

Having spent much of my childhood in a coastline city, many of my earliest memories reference coastal elements as metaphor. In moving away from the coast in my pre-teen years, I revisit these formative experiences whilst in Miami, visiting North Beach for the day. In this photo essay, I explore the childhood curiosity of the shore in my maturation.


Hana Elié Mendel, 20, is a conceptual and visual artist based out of Columbus, OH. Currently, she is attending her third year at the Columbus College of Art and Design, and graduating with a BFA in Photography. Hana is a consummate learner, drawing inspiration from her lifelong inquiries regarding the gender binary, religious theory, and the infrastructure of past dictatorships. Her style often intertwines magical realism with collage, editorial, and documentary qualities. Currently, Hana is focused on using her art as a method of precipitating important dialogue on issues affecting gender, and those who defy institutionalized norms. She is looking forward to participating in conversation initiated by her work, and using her creativity to spark action towards change.

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