The Photographic Journal

A World, Silent

Essay 381 • Jan 21st 2019

I found out I was half-deaf at the age of eight. To cope with this, I picked up the camera and began photographing everything and everyone around me. I then began photographing myself. Sometimes living in the city becomes too much for me, when all the sounds blend together and become just noise.

When I lived in Sweden for two months this year, I lived in the countryside. The house was quiet and I felt completely free. In this world that I composed, everything came to life. I heard colours singing all around me, I had conversations with the moon. It was a silent world that I made my home.


Jesuuna is a Chinese-American artist born in San Francisco, California. She picked up the camera at a young age and began documenting the environment and people around her before shortly moving onto self-portraiture. Her professional work in architecture and graphic design highly influences her style. Currently, Jesuuna works with analog photography, focused on creating meaningful works with a wide array of themes through diaristic narratives to intimate story-telling. She often uses bold colours and nudity in a painterly fashion with sculptural qualities to explore the beauty of the human body.
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